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Firestone brand ag tires with AD2 Technology!

Click here to visit the Firestone site and learn how this tire will make work easier.

Rod’s Tire and Service is proud of the level of farm service they are able to provide. With the combination of experienced field technicians and modern equipment, they are able to meet your needs in the field or on the road. Rod’s Tire and Service is a farm tire store offering premium farm tire products by Firestone Tire Company.

Performance Test - Firestone vs Michelin

On Nov. 6th in Madrid, Iowa, the question of who was superior was to be answered. A field performance test between Firestone and Michelin ag tires was conducted and Rod's Tire was there. "We strive to stay informed of the advances in the tire industry" said Rod Koons, owner and manager of Rod's Tire Store. "Our customer count on us to steer them to what will best meet their needs. You can do that if you keep yourself up to date with your industry." says Rod when asked what motivated him to go all the way to Iowa.

Click here for the results

How To Avoid Soil Compaction: True, False Q&A

Ag Tire Global Distribution Center Visit

Customers and employees visit the Firestone Ag Tire Plant and the Ag Tire Global Distribution center in Des Moines.

From the left are Duane Duerksen, Jim Enns, matt Voth, Dwight Flaming, Adam Scheele, Andy Troyer, ken Giesbrecht.

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