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Fun in the Sun:

Preparing for Hot Summer Days and Longer Drives

Hot weather creates extreme conditions for cars, as the increased temperature can cause fluids and oil lubricants to break down. When lubricants breakdown, decreased performance is only the initial problem. Thermal breakdown can cause engine seizing and possibly permanent damage to your car’s engine. After all danger of unexpected winter storms has passed, is the best time to get your car ready for summer heat.

The following is a suggested list of items to check in preparation for summer travel:

Air Conditioning System is in good working condition
Refrigerants are fully charged
Antifreeze Check coolant levels
Hoses are in good condition, not soft or brittle
Battery load has been tested for weakness. Test using a voltage
regulator; ensure battery is at proper operating levels
Battery terminals are clean and in good condition and cables are secure
Brake fluid is at proper levels
Inspect brake pads for wear
Rotors are in good condition
Emergency Kit Summer Emergency Kit is assembled and in the car
Exhaust system is free of leaks and/or holes
Brake lights are in good working order
Headlights are in good working order
Reverse lights are in good working order
Oil An oil change has been done within the last 3,000 miles using a higher viscosity oil
(or consult your vehicle's owner's manual for recommendations about how often the oil should be changed)
Check tire air pressure for proper inflation
Inspect tire tread for wear
Transmission fluid is at proper levels
Oil filter has been changed
Air filter has been changed
Fuel filters have been checked for clogs or leaks
Windshield Wipers are still in good condition (not cracked or worn)
Windshield wiper fluid is at proper levels

Call us today and let us prepare your car for the road ahead.