Nitrogen filled tires for better road performance!

The following are the advantages of inflating car tires with pure nitrogen, instead of regular air.

A tire that has been inflated with nitrogen will maintain 'air pressure' much better and for a slightly longer period of time, as compared to a tire that has been inflated with regular air. This is because nitrogen molecules are larger in size than oxygen molecules and therefore, are less likely to leak or escape through the tire valve.

This indirectly, helps in bettering the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. This is because, insufficient air pressure in the car tire can have an adverse effect on its fuel consumption and resultant fuel efficiency. Nitrogen filled tires have better and more consistent 'air pressure' which consequently, aid the vehicle's fuel efficiency (even if it is by a small margin).

Pure nitrogen is much drier than regular air (which contains water vapor). Depending on tire temperatures, the water vapor in the air undergoes changes in pressure, which results in varying tire pressures. This is not an issue in case of tires that are filled with nitrogen.

Oxygen and water vapor react with the insides of the car tire, i.e., with the rubber as well as the metal rims, and gradually lead to development and deposition of rust. This has an adverse effect on the longevity of the car tire. Nitrogen does not react with the car tire insides or with the rim, thereby enhancing the life of the car tire.

Nitrogen is a gas that does not support combustion, therefore in case of an extremely overheated tire catching fire, nitrogen makes for much better safety than regular air (which contains oxygen that supports combustion).

Filling nitrogen in tires also helps in keeping the insides of the tire cool, even at high speeds.